Learn how to grow a purpose-driven business and navigate the mental health journey of entrepreneurship.


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Tremendous Resource for Food Entrepreneurs!

I'm in the very early stages of starting a cookie company and this podcast has been invaluable. I feel so appreciative that Vivian has put these shows together as you can learn so much from each one of the interviews. Vivian, being a previous business owner, asks some great questions. Thanks so much Vivian!

Very helpful!!

Thank you for this awesome podcast. We are starting year two of our food business and the tips and ideas I've heard on the podcast are already helping us to be better entrepreneurs!! Keep the great info coming!

So Helpful!

Thanks so much Vivian for sharing the stories of all these amazing entrepreneurs. It’s incredibly helpful to learn from the wins and mistakes of others who are ahead of me on this path. Keep up the good work!

Clever & Convenient

Thank you for providing worthy inspiration, truths, and lessons learned from passionate entrepreneurs in a convenient format for us budding entrepreneurs. It's great to see my Spark & Hustle comrade making waves!

You’re the Best

I really liked the interview with Tory Johnson, is that each of your interviews will help many people to look far beyond, and achieve goals that seem impossible .. blessings!

I can't wait to hear more!

I cannot wait to hear more!! This is the motivation I need, the daily reminder that anything is possible! Can't wait to get on this daily journey to entrepreneurship and self improvement!!

Excited to hear more!

I’ve been following you since you started Signature Flan. I am happy to see you now with the radio show.

Thanks for paving the way

Thank you for this program. I am looking forward to learning the secrets of business ownership. Thanks for paving the way for those of us just getting started. Melissa

Thank you for blazing the trail!

Thank you for blazing the trail and revealing your secrets to success. I look forward to your Podcast! Finally, someone understand my journey. :-)